RX-100 Amphibious Assault Vehicle
RX-100 AAV
Production information
Manufacturer TTI
Product line RX
Model RX-100
Class Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Technical specifications
Length 50m
Maximum speed 100kp/h Ground

110kp/h Water
20kp/h Air

Engine unit(s) *QuadFusion Reactor
  • Repulsor Engine (2)
  • Ion jet Propellers
Armament *120mm Mass Accelerator Cannon
  • Laser Cannon Turrets (2)
Crew 6
Passengers 6
Cargo capacity
Consumables 2 weeks
Role(s) Ground Assault

Aquatic Assault

Era(s) Legacy Era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
"Land, Sea, Space, Air, We marines can do it all, and our equipment can do most of the jobs without reconfiguration too. We, and they, are Jacks of all trades"
—TMC Trooper

Templar Military Doctrine, stated that any possible equipment and material produced by the Templars, for the Templars was to have a varying skill set. This reasoning was because, as a group separated from the mainstream galaxy, they had to be self sufficient, and they had to be able to adapt. And the X-100 AAV was no exception to this rule.

An amphibious vehicle it was capable of operating on both land and sea, but in addition to this it featured a repulsor lift. As a repulsor vehicle it had an operating height of 10 meters but the real purpose of the lift was to allow the unit to descend unattended from very low orbit. All in all the RX-100 could go anywhere, to do its job, land, sea, and air.

The Units drive units, the treads it used on land, were heavily modified from the RX Chassis line of Variable Chassis. It actually used the same treads as 2 RX-95 Heavy Assault Tanks, one of the reasons it could, after getting up and moving, travel so fast over land (about 60kp/h on land).

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