Zero Rifle-by-MeganeRid
Protector Battle Rifle
Production information

Echani Protectors


Protector Battle Rifle


Gauss Rifle

Technical specifications
Magazine Size

36 rounds

Fire Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Three Round Burst
  • Full Auto
Ammunition Type
  • 12.7mm Heavy Slugs
  • 12.7mm Shredder Rounds

Asynchronous Linear-Induction

Rate of Fire

600 rounds per minute

Muzzle Velocity

2907 m/s


300 meters (effective)


Echani Protectors


The Protector Battle Rifle was the standard issue rifle of the Echani Protectors. Like most Protector weapons it utilized magnetism to launch metallic slugs at high velocity. The weapon was designed to be lightweight and versatile granting the users the ability to use it in varying situations. The weapon was superb at long range and excelled at short range. Adding to the weapons close range versatility the weapon mounted a vibro-bayonet.

The weapon fired two types of ammunition, both 12.7mm rounds but with different designed effects. The primary ammunition was a heavy slug designed to pierce armor and their targets with ease. The rounds produced little internal damage this way, allowing the rounds to be used to disable by shooting joints, or to kill by hitting vital areas.

The secondary ammunition were referred to as "Shredder Rounds" because of the unique effect they had on unarmored "soft" targets. The were designed to splinter on impact, tearing through light armor and "shredding" targets into ribbons. However, shredder rounds had a severe lack of penetration power and they were all but useless against heavily armored targets. They were most often used against massed enemies with light armor.

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