Predator Tank Droid 3
Predator Droid Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Mikaru Corporation
Product line
Model Predator
Class Droid Tank
Technical specifications
Length 12m
Maximum speed 120kph
Engine unit(s) compact fusion power cell
Armament Heavy Laser Cannon
Crew Integrated Droid Brain
Passengers 1
Cargo capacity
Role(s) *Patrol
  • Anti-Armor
  • Artillery
Era(s) Legacy era

The Predator Droid Tank was an automated defense unit produced by the Mikaru Corporation. The unit operated much like a Baktoid Armor Workshop GAT, it was a droid piloted, ground operating tank, designed for light attack roles and patrols. The Droid brain took up 1 half of the space inside the turret a living crew would take up, granting room for 1 individual to ride in the tank as an observe or as a VIP in transport. The droid viewed the battle field through a sensor package that could lift up and observe the battle field in one direction while the turret faced another. The tank also featured a low profile body and frame adding to it stealth abilities.

Predator Tank Droid

Features of a Predator

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