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Predator Gun
Production information

Arakyd Industires




Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun


20,000 (limited numbers)

Technical specifications

Blaster Pistol






In its most basic description the Predator is the newest version of the LS-150. It fires a accelerated Particle charge laced with a photon bundle to make it visible. The weapon is very effective against shields and personnel but only against droids at a close range. There isn't much difference between the Predator and the LS-150, aside from a few facts. One, its much more compact the primary focus of the redesign, and its much more safe. No longer does the user have to worry about abrupt overheats or spontaneous combustion of the weapon. And the weapon is now far more effective against droids, albeit at a limited range.

behind the gunEdit

in reality, the gun is based off, I VINCENT-SIG belive to be a weapon from Shadowrun. A Caseless 10mm gun. On the image the big writing says "PREDATOR" but the smaller says "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" a random saying i thought would look cool. The 'engravment' on the Handel is in Germanic Runes,it reads Vincent Mikaru. I added it for some personal flair, nothing more.

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