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Tipical PDA arm for the Templar Fleet Shipyards

A Phased Disassembler Array or a PDA Each PDA used fusion torches to break down materials into their constituent atoms, after which the atoms were recombined into the desired components or alloys. These small components would then be assembled into larger constructs, even something as complex as a Templar II-class Star Destroyer.

In Remsian Mining Consortium fleet operations, Resource Collectors would transfer the reconstructed resources to the larger vessels, such as a Mobile Refinery, and the materials would pass through the ships PDA. Atomized materials were sorted by a Magneto-Hydrodynamic Shunt Field and contained in large storage shells.

Magneto-Hydrodynamic Shunt FieldEdit

An essential part of the PDA system an Magneto-Hydrodynamic Shunt Field uses a series of magnetic fields to maintain a 'fluid movement' of the constituent resources and by natural effect separate them by their atomic weight. The Hydrodynamic comes from the fluid movement of the materials as it moves through the system, which also helps keep the atoms from combining prematurely in the system. Magneto-Hydrodynamic Fields were also used to bring atoms together so that fusion torches could start the reconstitution process.

Use in ConstructionEdit

PDAs were used in construction, and while they were great at creating skeletal infrastructures and Hull plating PDA's were not advanced or accurate enough to produce things like computers, or power cores. These components were produced offsite, transferred to the construction yard, and then the PDA Unit would use its manipulators to install them like a construction droid would.

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