Heavy Blaster
PT-1 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Production information

Afterglow Arms and Equipment




Heavy Blaster Pistol


750 credits

Technical specifications


Magazine Size

500 shots

Rate of Fire

180 RPM

  • 50 (optimum)
  • 75 (max)

Pirates of Twilight


The PT-1 Heavy Blaster Pistol was the standard side arm of all members of the Pirates of Twilight.


As its name suggests the PT-1 was a heavy blaster pistol, having the power of a blaster rifle but much shorter range then a pistol. With an optimum range of 50 meters and a maximum of 75 it was perfect for shipboard operations and urban combat. Comparable in damage to the DL-44 it was favored by nearly all the members of the Pirates of Twilight and was used by some of the 53rd Stormtrooper Legion before the Battle of Endor.

Like the DL-44 it could easily pierce standard stormtrooper armor and was used to great effect against stormtroopers of the Empire and Warlords following Endor. the PT-1 operated in two firing modes Semi-automatic, which fired off every time the trigger was pulled. And three round burst which fired three rounds in quick succession every time the trigger was pulled. With a firing rate of 180 rounds per minute three rounds could be fired off in a single second, though the semi-automatic form retained more accuracy. Regardless of which mode the pistol was in holding the trigger would cause the gun to charge a charged shot used up the same power as three shots and had slightly longer range then the pistol normally had.


The PT-1 was developed at some time after the battle of Yavin onboard the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Deathbringer. While performing picket duty the Deathbringer confiscated a very large shipment of illegally produced and transported DL-44 blaster pistols. Rather than melt them down for scrap which was SOP, the ship's Quartermaster, at the behest of Brinlon Vosk and the blessing of the ships Commander took to modifying the pistols to be used by the 53rd.

After several failed prototypes, resulting in a dozen waisted DL-44's the PT-1 was created. Combining the capacity of an E-11's blaster pack with a heavier frame built around the DL-44's internal workings the PT-1 produced a heavy blaster with a large bolt capacity. Later additions included a charging ability similar to the Bryar pistol. Ultimately the PT-1 would become a favorable weapon amongst the 53rd and would see plenty of usage beyond their leaving the Empire, but never as a true mainstream weapon.

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