Strategic Reserve

The Fleet of Operation: Sovereign

Operation: Sovereign was the name of the joint operation between the Free Echani Alliance and the Remsian Republic with the goal of finding the true Sith headquarters of the Sith Insipid was so obviously manipulating. The operation contained Many ships ships including the Transcendence, four Derak-class Heavy Prowlers, a Remsian Leviathan-class and commanded by two Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser as its flagship.

While the Remsian Republic supplied logistics ships and support personnel the Free Echani Alliance fielded most of the strength of the operation. The Fleet consisted of many FEA ships, designs dating back to the Galactic Civil war, but none the less deadly. Dozens of old surplus TIE series fighters were fielded in the operation. The Republic supplied a battalion of troops from their Marine Corp to aid the operation but were unable to supply more due to their own war with the Bothans.

Operation StrengthEdit

Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser

  • Piercing Flame
  • Sun Guard

Allegiance-class Star Destroyers
Procursator-class Star Destroyers
Delegator-class Star Destroyers
The Transcendence
Raptor-class Star Destroyers
Interceptor-class Star Destroyers
Intimidator-class Star Destroyers
Talus-class Supply Ships
Prowlers (4)
Assault Ship Shadowfax

Infantry Forces

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