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Operation: Redemption was an assault operation on Dac. A Templar assault group, lead by Vincent Mikaru arrived at Dac, as the Remsian Republic group aiding the Fel Empire who was joined with a GA task force. The Task Force engaged the forces of Krayt's Empire over and on Dac, and made use of Tranquil-class Mini-Subs that had been being produced there by the Mon Calimari Shipyards. The Access codes were provided by the Mikaru Clan who designed the subs.

Due to the sheer mass of forces involved in the conflict the presence of the 4 ships and their embarked forces were actually overlooked. Most records show no Remsi involvement in the conflict, which was perfectly fine, the forces who volunteered did so to help the species of Dac, not for glory.

Operation StrengthEdit

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