NosVos Jerdu Onux Slmor
Biographical Information
Homeworld Yavin
Date of Birth 118 ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brownish Red
Eye color Bluish Gray
Personal information
Lightsaber color(s)
Fighting style(s)
Chronological and political information
Position Genin
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
Known masters Dark Savior
Known apprentices

"Never give up never surrender, defeat is not an option. Fight for what is right, let wisdom guide your judgement. May the lord grant you wisdom, in turn he will grant you victory"
NosVos Jerdu Onux Slmor

"In a Sea of Darkness Only I Remain"
Dark Savior


No one knows when Jerdu was born, but they do know he became a templar at the age of 2. NosVos Was born on Yavin and taken from his parents at birth from a group of raiding dark Jedi.

They killed his parents. The dark Jedi believed that this boy would one day be there leader. The grey Jedi also known as the avengers at that time had saved him and took the baby back to the temple themselves and was brought up a Initiate until one day he became Genin to Nox Onus

Early Life

During his time as a Twilight Templar he had proved himself a warrior by nature.

NosVos Jerdu Onux Slmor

He dueled Li Sal twice the first time Li completely destroying him, though the second was a differen't story and Lia barely escaped with a win. He also defeated several droids during an attack on the templars.

He was trained for less than a year when Nox Onus (Dark Savior) let himself die in a duel with the Kage at the time Dade Leviathan. From that day Jerdu was named NosVos Jerdu Onux Slmor in memory of his old master. His master appeared to him in a dream and was being pulled by the force to a planet called Rakata, there he was trained in the ways of the force even further.

When he arrived the ghost of Nox was there and he taught NosVos how to use beast trick, when the rancor came running at NosVos. Though it was a baby Rancor it was still impressive that the force attack was succesful.

Then NosVos finds himself confronted with an angry sith who he ends up fighting and getting beat by. He finds out after the fight that her name was Tiera Onus. She became his master and gave him a holocube to study, which was of Nox teaching NosVos the lightsaber forms. He learned Juyo and this came in handy when he dueled another apprentice one of the best in the lightsaber tournament. He fought and was unfortunately beat in the first round of the tournament, though the match was a very close one in which his opponent barely won. His lightsaber skills were praised by the judges though the reason he lost was because of some poor judgement in tactics.

He then soon afterwards went through the trials to become a Grey Knight. After a hard stressful venture through the trials he had succesfully became a Grey Knight.


Nox Onus