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Norn Dukai
Biographical Information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of Birth 75ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Corellian
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Cybernetics Ocular Enhancement Implant
Personal information
Allies Emperor
Lightsaber color(s) Imperial Knight Lightsaber
Fighting style(s) Martial Arts

Lightsaber Combat

  • Praetoria Vanil
  • Praetoria Ishu
Chronological and political information
Position Imperial Special Operation Knight
Era(s) Legacy era
Affiliation Fel Empire
Known masters
Known apprentices
"We Special Operations Knights must put our own personal feelings aside in service of the Emperor. We must believe and know that every action We do is the will of the Emperor, and We must believe and know that the Emperor's will is for the betterment of the Galaxy. And We must know that some changes for good, have to be brought about by actions that many would deem as horrible from some stand point. The Special Operations Knight must be willing to do horrible things, to make better worlds. Must know we are monsters, but to know that We are the monsters that are helping shape a better world. Even if it isn't for us monsters to live in. Otherwise We would be no better than the Sith or a Dark Jedi."

Norn Dukai was an Imperial Special Operation Knight during the Force Cold War and was still among their ranks as late as 145ABY. He was a member of the Imperial Special Operations Corp, Imperial Knights, Special Operations Knights, and one of the subjects in Project: Argyranthemum

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