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Gas Mine

Nevais Gas Mine

The Nevais Gas Mine was a hovering complex in the atmosphere of Nevais Prime. The Mine collected and processed gases such as Tibanna gas, that is then shipped to various Templar outposts throughout the two sectors the Templars use for use in weapons or other endeavors. The mine was separated into four major sections, the Central Habitat, Sending and Receiving, Processing, and engineering.

The Central Habitat was a small city of sorts, able to keep the 400+ people who worked on the mine and their families happy and giving them place to live. It houses their quarters, a small park, shops, restaurants, and the command center of the mine. At any point in time around 3/4ths of the residents are in this section at any time.

Sending and Receiving is where any and all supplies, equipment, mined gas canisters, anything arrives at or leaves from the mine. Materials arriving here go through the sorting department, then gets moved about the mining facility till it arrives at its destination. Gas being shipped out was stored in various manners including carbonite freezing.

Processing is where all the mined gases get processed into forms for usage or storage. During any of the 4 shifts this is the most busy with roughly 60 people working in it at any time.Finally Engineering is the heart of the mine, its where power is generated, the engines that keep the nine afloat are maintained, its where water is processed, waste materials are dealt with, and any other variety of systems are maintained.

Though the mine is not a military structure it is armed for defense and has two X-4 Phoenixs stationed there at all times for defense.

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