Assault on Nyssa

The Memento Mori during the Assault of Nyssa using an average powered blast

The Neutron Cannon is a Cutting or Slicing beam weapon. It fires an extremely concentrated beam of Ionized neutrons with an average destructive power of 223,500 terawatts (TW) or the equivalent of 53 megatons on the point of impact. The Memento Mori was capable of a single shot rating at 2,235,000 terawatts (TS) or 530 megatons, however, the primary reactors of the cannon were overdrained and the ship was left with only normal weapons, it was designed, in the hopes of, it only being a deterrent.

The firing sequence begins when ions and neutrons collide in a particle accelerator. These ionized neutrons were then compressed through the use of magnetic fields into a concentrated beam and accelerated outward towards the target. This was very power consuming and could generally only be done for 30 seconds with a 2-5 minute cool down cycle while the power built back up.

Types of Neutron Cannons

X-40 Shade
X-40 Mark-I: Maximum Destructive Power of 223,500TW (53 Megatons)
Orbital Defense Platforms
ODS-XIII: Maximum Destructive Power of 1,117,500TW (265 Megatons)
Memento Mori
Memento Mori: Maximum Destructive Power of 2,235,000TW (530 Megatons)
Anti-Orbital Neutron Cannon
Mark-IV Orbital Defense Emplacement: Maximum Destructive Power of 418,400TW (100 Megatons)
Baldr-class and Thor-class Buster Cannons
Mark-XII Short Ranged Neutron Cannon: Maximum Destructive Power of 627600TW (150 Megatons)
Morganus-class Star Cruiser Ventral Neutron Cannon
Class-I Ventral Neutron Cannon: Maximum Destructive Power of 627600TW (150 Megatons)
Templar II-class Star Destroyer Ventral Neutron Cannon
Class-II Ventral Neutron Cannon: Maximum Destructive Power of 836,800TW (200 Megatons)