Templar mine
NOVA mine
Production information

Templar Technical Defense Systems




Nuclear Mine



Technical specifications



Effectively 140km


NOVA Mines are a type of Templar ordnance commonly carried aboard Prowlers. They are stealthy, plutonium-cored, nuclear devices with a normal yield of 30 Megatons but could be 'dialed up' to 60 megatons. In space, due to there being less matter to interact with and cause friction with, its maximum detonation range was 140km3. In order to keep the minefields hidden from enemies all the mines have an outer hull of Stealth Ablative Coating, this armor also helps in compressing the nuclear blast slightly amplifying the damage by a small margin.

During the Avengeance Incident the Prowler Acklay, in a desperate attempt to keep the Avengeance from reaching Zonama Sekot rammed the Bothan Cruiser. The resulting impact set off all 18 mines inside the prowler, creating a nuclear explosion so massive that the prowler Airsquid that was 100,000km away was heavily damaged and disabled by the energy wave. Also during the Battle of Anothelis Corridor, the Prowler Drexl laid a field of NOVA's; destroying 12 and damaging four Sith ships.

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