Templar Walker
Muspell-class Assault Platform
Production information

Templar Technical Defense Systems


Muspell Assault Platform



Technical specifications






Maximum speed (atmosphere)


Power plant

QuadFusion Reactor



  • Rotary Blaster (2)
    • Fore and Rear mounts
  • Heavy Missile Racks (2)
    • 12 missiles total
  • Medium Missile Pack (1)
    • 6 missiles total
  • Light Rocket Pack (1)
    • 8 Rockets total
  • Grenade Mortars (6)
    • Chaff, Flare, and Smoke rounds
  • 160mm Asynchronous linear-induction weapon
    • Max Slug Velocity ~2km/s


Minimum crew



1 command officer

Cargo capacity

200 rounds for Cannon


2 weeks EM rations

Other systems

Repulsorlift system


Assault Platform

The Muspell-class Assault Platform was the Templars entrance into the world of Combat Walkers. Neither willing nor able to design and build several different types of specialized walkers, so instead they designed one multi-use Walker. The Muspell was the result. Built and tested on the planet Muspelheim the planet where its name is derived, the walker proved to be excellent at multiple terrains and adverse environments. Although a walker it was equipped with a repulsorlift unit that could let it 'jump' some distances, and in the case of the unit flipping it could be used to right the unit.

The Walker were designed to take on multiple roles as stated above, and as such was armed to do so. Fore anti-personnel purposes it was armed with two rotatory blasters mounted at the front and back of the unit. Each blaster lowered down and can pitch up or down for a total of 90 degrees, and it could rotate left and right for 170 degrees, giving it a moderate field of fire.

Mounted at the rear of the primary chassis were two Heavy Missile racks. Each rack carried in it 6 missiles each capable of dealing heavy damage to lightly or unshielded starfighters. To compliment this Anti-Air ability a Medium missile rack was located on the left side of the main turret. While it had a shorter range and less damage the missiles travel farther. And finally on the right side of the turret was a small light rocket launcher with 8 rockets, they acted as artillery and were unguided.

Along the front of the chassis were six ports that could launch grenades for defensive purposes. Normally chaff, smoke, or flare grenades were launched. In a pinch the launchers could fire all the munitions used by the X-24 Proton Grenade Launcher although at a fixed angel.

The Final armament of the Muspell-class Walker was its 160mm Asynchronous linear-induction cannon which was capable of launching a shell of super-dense ferric tungsten fast enough to punch a whole straight through capital ship grade hull armor. The Cannon could also fire "Shredder Rounds" with a ferrous core but an outer layer of Tungsten-Carbide, on impact the rounds splintered doing massive internal damage.

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