Muspelheim Lava Dragon


Planet of origin


Height of average adult

2 meters

Average wingspan

5 meters

Skin color

Reddish Black

  • Lives in Lava Streams
  • "Breathes" fire

The Muspelheim Lava Dragon is a large, lava-dwelling predatory reptavian, that occupies many of the streams of lava on Muspelheim. It has a long, pointed, but snubbed snout that houses natural mechanism for taking in lava and converting it to oxygen. This process is continuous, and as such, when threatened, a Muspelheim Lava Dragon is capable of spewing fire from its mouth. Due to the lack of other life inside the lava streams of Muspelheim, in order to hunt, it must leave the lava, sometimes taking flight with their massive wings, often from below the lava to surprise an unsuspecting prey such as the Lava Mynock.

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