Muri Mikaru was an Echani of the Mikaru Family and a member of the Mikaru Clan. For most of his life he was a Smuggler captaining the Silver Lining for years before finally accepting his place as head of the Mikaru Family during the Galactic Civil war.


"You'll forgive me for a moment if I get all sentimental on you." The smuggler put his hands in his pockets as he cued up a personal speech to get the troops rallied. "I have been Captain of the Silver Lining now for 24 years. Little more than half of my life running from one end of the Galaxy to the other hauling Saara knows how many loads of everything from foodstuff to less than legal sundries. I watched the fall of the Republic, and the rise of both these Empires now from the Captains chair of that busted old bulk cruiser. I've seen and done things most of you will never Fathom, lost things all of you will hopefully never have to lose."

"What I'm trying to say is I'm got some years on me, forty two to be exact. And in all my forty two years there's been one constant. Someone trying to tell me what to do. First it was parents, then traditions, laws, regulations, now over bearing Empires trying to control what I do, when I do it, and how I go about doing it." He leaned forward and put both hands on the table as his eyes went from the woman - Vima - to Karrde. "And quite frankly after forty two years I'm sick and kriffing tired of it, and I'm going to do something about it."

"You," he pointed at Ahto, "You say the two Empires should be tricked into going into all out war with each other. And you," This time to Leia, "You think the Rebellion should get back to Guerrilla Tactics. Well the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. What we need to do, is make the Empire think the hit and run attacks are done by other Imperials, and frankly thats simple. We just need an Imperial ship, fighters, and equipment, and Saara knows we know how to do that sorta thing. Its what we do we acquire things. This isn't beyond us, this war is not over, and we can still fight it on our terms, and I sure as hell am not going to hide in some corner like an abused kid while Momma Empire and Daddy Empire beat the kriff out of each other. We're rebels dammit, its about damn time we acted like like it and rebelled."

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