Mikaru Brand
Muri's Vibrosword
Production information

Muri Mikaru


Echani Vibrosword

Technical specifications
  • Overall Length: 1.09 meters (43.2 inches)
  • Blade Length: 0.79 meters (31.2 inches)
Damage Per Hit



Ultrasonic Vibrations




Muri Mikaru


Muri's personal Vibrosword was his weapon of choice as an Echani Warrior. The blade was forged following the traditions of his people but featured aspects that were distinctly his own. The sword was long, just over a meter in allover length though all Echani Vibroswords were considered long by average comparison. The blade however featured a a curve, making the blade longer then it actually was. This curve also aided in controlling the sword and allowed it to cleave more easily through objects. The Vibration generator at full power was similar in strength to some force pikes granting it the capability to slice through some metals.

As with all Echani Vibroswords the blade was forged with an amount of cortosis in the process. The Echani process of forging blades with cortosis was so great that blades retained much of the strength of the other materials bonded with the cortosis. In the case of Muri's sword, titanium. The supercooling treatment of Echani blades was also present on the sword, giving the blade a blue twinge and a cold sensation on touch. During the forging process the blade was insulated, all but removing the risk that most vibroblades had when combating electrical weapons.

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