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"A war without casualties is simply politics."
—Morganus Mikaru during the Jedi Civil War

Born 3,984 BBY, Morganus was the patriarch and first Sovereign of the Mikaru Clan. He was a very Traditional Echani, bearing Traditional tattoos on his arms and trained in light weapons. He was also the first Mikaru to be a Shipwright which is what the Mikaru's became well known for.


Morganus spent much of his early life following the traditions of his people. He trained in martial arts, studied in school but he always aspired to be more. So he decided to join, against his families wishes, the republic military. The Republic promised an exiting life and benefits for soldiers. And with the Mandalorian War going on he was more than welcomed into their ranks.

Being an Echani, and being skilled in close range combat he was placed in a special operations group that focused on close ranged and stealth combat. Being a part of this unit was an honor for Morganus because it saw him placed behind enemy lines at times, taking the fight to the Mandalorians. He keeps the number to himself but its believed he personally killed well over 100 Mandalorians many with his own bare hands.

After the war, Morganus found himself a cast out from his family. Like many other Echani who had joined the Republic side of the conflict. So Morganus formed an idea, the idea of creating a new clan, for all the Echani who had lost their families despite fighting with honor, like Echani should. He named this clan Mikaru, after his call-sign during the war, and took name for his own as well.

He based this new clan on Corellia, where he decided to settle after the war and extended invitations to every Echani he could find, who had served in the war, and lost their families favor for it. It was not long, under two years in fact, before the Mikaru Estate was well established inside the Echani Clans. And well known for the fact that Morganus insisted the clan uphold traditions, but not enforce them with an iron fist. An example to this being that the main Estate was built and decorated in traditional forms but unlike other clans it wasn't enforced for members homes to be done as such.


The clan would eventually gain status in Echani society and within Morganus' life time would move to Eshan, though its estate would be maintained on Corellia. The clan and corporation would endure for many generations and thousands of years through the rise and fall of two republics, many alliances, and empires. Morganus would go down in family history as Morganus the Founder.

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