Minshara is the capital of Remsi Prime and central nexus for the Remsian Republic the cover story for the Templars existence in the unknown regions. The Largest of the two major cities on the planet Minshara is a utopia of nature and technology united. Parks, with trees, massive lakes and ponds, fountains, animals. Landing pads suspended above arboretums, hydroponic gardens spanning between buildings.

The Center of the city, comprising of several large sky scrapers held the executive, legislative, and judicial buildings of the city and the whole colonial expedition. The Governmental district, while the largest section, was not the most densely used, that honor fell to the recreational district, where the parks and gardens resided, as well as promenades and restaurants.

The outermost section of the city was the residential area, which actually expanded well beyond the cities borders as some people had houses built deep in the forests to be with nature when not dealing with the bustle of city life. The closest landmark to the City was the Castle of Twilight, 200 miles to the north near the mountains, which acts as a religious building publicly where denizens worship "Harmony" a veiled reference to the Templars belief in balance of all things.


Governmental DistrictEdit

Commerce DistrictEdit

Recreational DistrictEdit

Residential DistrictEdit

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