Remsian Military Compound

One of the Three Military Factories

Known as Military Factories, Military Compounds, or simply as Military Bases the Remsian Military Factories were three large compounds located in three locations approximately 100 kilometers from Minsura, one in the mountains, one about 50 kilometers south of that, and the third off the shore to the south.

These factories produced the ammunition, weapons, speeders and tanks the Templars used. Each base produced weapons and ammunition of all types, but only the Shoreline base produced the RX-100 Amphibious Assault Vehicle and MAAV/T. None of these factories produced the Muspell-class Assault Walker or TTS-2 Repulsor Tank as the orbital factories over Muspelheim produced them.

Though attacks to these bases were unlikely as well protected as Remsi Prime was, each base was surrounded by numerous Base Defense Turrets, M-42 MK-XI Missile Emplacements, and a X-90 Shield Generator. These systems were powered by several QuadFusion Reactors with several backup solar reactors as well.

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