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The Mikaru Shipwrights also known as the Mikaru Corporation was the Shipwrights guild that the Mikaru Clan headed. They operated out of a towers on Coruscant, Corellia, and Eshan until circa. They owned and operated a small shipyard in orbit around Centax-3 and another over Utapau, and they had a Factory Complex on Centax-3 and a small production facility inside the Mikaru Towers. Their main production facility was in orbit of Eshan. They held stock in Kuat Drive Yards, CEC, Mon Calamari, and SoroSuub, all four of which purchased Designs or commissioned the shipwrights. In addition to Ships, they design/produce a small number of land vehicles and weapons, as well as ship components. They also do custom ship design jobs, producing one of a kind ships, with the ability to reproduce unless specifically requested by the original commissioner.

During the Clone Wars the Mikaru Corporation primarily produced equipment designed by other companies to bolster the forces of the Republic. However, they also produced some products for the Republic, like the Advanced Assault Droid Walker, which were rejected or the Type-711 Sniper Rifle which was used by some clone troopers and planetary militias. After the Rise of the Empire the Corporation produced designs, weapons, droids, and equipment for the Empire, while very discretely supplying the Alliance.

When the Empire started to crumble after Endor the Mikaru Corporation, who had been forced to relocate to their Head Quarters on Eshan lead a revolt, along with nearly every other Echani Warrior on the world to overthrow their Imperial overseers. After this the current Sovereign, Muri Mikaru, was placed as Defacto of the Free Echani Alliance a collection of all the Echani clans on Eshan under a single flag with the Mikaru Corporation acting as their Military branch and Muri, the most respected diplomat on the world, as their leader. One of the first actions of the FEA was to liberate Ord Cestus from the Empire, it eventually released worlds under its flag, and itself into the New Republic as a sub-group.

After the Rise of the GFFA, and the Fel Empire, the Mikaru clan produced for both groups, and even continued old imperial designs for the Fel Empire. Durring the Sith-Imperial War the Corporation was forced to build Fury-class starfighters due to the Clans only male heir to the title Sovereign being forced to do Sith bidding. If the clan refused, he would have been killed, and the clans head line ended. Following his escape from sith clutches the Mikaru clan were secretly informed, and slowly began rigging Fury-classes with bombs or rigged systems, and preparing for their Escape.



Super Heavy Capital ShipsEdit

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Eshan-class Attack

An Eshan-class Cargo Carrier, one of the largest ships produced by the Corporation.

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