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The Mausoleum of Twilight was a breathtaking structure that housed all of the graves of past Templars, it was located on Zonama Sekot. Outwardly the mausoleum resembled a near perfect circular 300 meter wide domed hill. The hill was completely smooth save its apex which seemed to bump upwards, atop this bump grew a massive tree known as the Tree of Harmony sprouted upwards over two hundred meters in height, its massive canopy casts a shadow over the whole of the hill. The rest of the hill is covered in a low growing grass.

Entrance to the Mausoleum was gained via a natural cave entrance, which lead to a dome directly under the hill, with the roots of the massive tree dangling down from the ceiling. The walls of the dome were covered with carvings of the Founding Seven and a large stylized carving of Zonama Sekot. In the center

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