The Massacre of Sorjus, was one of the many machinations the Sith had for the Twilight Jedi. Vincent Mikaru under the guise of a Jedi Master named Nor'h Silvergazer was tasked with the mission. Under the impression of a Jedi Master observing the world for any possible implications of the issues found with worlds that had been Vong Formed, he secretly released canisters onto the world. Not even he realized at the time what he had done. He was told little.

"Go there, lie, make your 'rounds' then release your ordinance. The rest will happen in due time."
—Vincent's Sith Handler

Vincent knew the canisters held something, he had assumed they were explosions, and as such dropped them in rivers and away from points of civilization. Unfortunately, they deployed on impact spores of the Candorian plague. Having preformed his Job, Vincent responded to a call to return to Utapau, it wasn't until after the Battle of Utapau that Vincent realized what he did, and began a slow spiral into darkness that climaxed with Operation: AngelFall which was itself a prelude to Operation: DaggerFall.

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