Mark-XXXVI Defense Gun
Mark-XXXVI Defense Gun
Production information

Mikaru Corporation




Defense Rotary Cannon

Technical specifications


Magazine Size


Ammunition Type

25mm APHE

Rate of Fire

3600 - 4200 rounds per minute




Galactic Merchants Union


The Mark-XXXVI Defense Gun commonly called the Mark 36 or just 36 was a slugthrower based defensive gun mounted on the Eshan Orbital ring system and used as defense guns on the Mephistopheles-type Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser. The weapon was a rotary cannon, which meant that it had multiple barrels that rotated. When a barrel holding a round fired a new one would rotate into place, while the on that fired had its spent cartridge discharged, and third barrel cooled, while a fourth had a new round loaded. This meant that the gun could fire continuously without the risk of overheating as the barrel had a chance to cool after each round.

The gun was designed to house its own independent ammo cache which housed normally five hundred million rounds. This ammo capacity combined with the forty two hundred round per minute fire rate gave the gun an operational time of over eight days of continual fire. The gun was housed inside an armored shell that could withstand impact damage and had its own ray shielding to protect against starfighter scale laser weapons. The entire shell rotated with the gun so that it was always capable of lowering into its housing in the case of an emergency.

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