Mark-II Concussion/Blaster Rifle
Production information

Six Stars Incorporated, Mikaru Corporation, Stouker




Blaster/Concussion Rifle



Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Average to High

Magazine Size
  • Blaster: 125
  • Concussion Rifle: 6
Ammunition Type
  • Blaster Bolts (Tibanna)
  • Concussion Rounds



30-100 meters


The Mark-II Concussion/Blaster Rifle was a light weight rifle combining the effectiveness of blaster and concussion rifles. Its primary component was a concussion chamber made by the Stouker company.


The concussion rifle on the underside fired a concussive blast at a range of up to thirty meters, creating an explosion about four meters in diameter, with enough force to send an average human flying a short distance. It also possessed a secondary firing mode, the blast from which was less devastating in terms of radius, but had a greater impact on the target, as well as a rather noticeable recoil - sufficient to push an ordinary humanoid two or three steps backward with each shot.

The Upper barrel which housed the blaster components fired standard power blaster bolts up to 100 meters. Each bolt was comparable in power to other common types of blasters like the E-11. The downside of the combination system however was felt in rate of fire. The blaster rifle had a significantly lower rate of fire then other blaster rifles, and while not crippling, it was taken into account when people considered use of the weapon. Many saw the capabilities of the concussion rifle on the underside as enough compensation for the lack of high rate of fire. The balanced operation, light weight, and capabilities of the weapon made it common on Echani ships and it was the preferred weapon of the local Echani militia's before and during the Galactic Civil War.

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