The LEGION (Logarithmically Engineered Governing Intelligence Operations Network) was the Advanced Computer AI that was developed by Templar Technical Institute to assist in having ships and astromech droids interconnected in battles to see to it that there was smoother connectivity. LEGION was normally installed in secondary computer buffers on board command ships, like the Templar-class Star Destroyer and on all Orbital Defense Platforms.

LEGION would access a ships communications network, short range, long range, hypercomm, and preform real time calculations, situation reports, command transfers, and tactics. This dramatic speed increase in unit interactivity also increased battle effectiveness by 12%, it also made casualty and MIA calculations far more quick. Allowing rescue and recover units to be sent out in a quicker fashion. LEGIONs primary purpose was the control of the Global Orbital Defense Network, making all the weapons of the orbital platforms target appropriate targets.

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