• Lightbringers


Average height

Between 1.6 and 2 Meters

Skin color

Ranges from white to Black

Hair color

Silver, Blonde,
Brown or Black

Eye color


Average lifespan

Unknown. Assumed to
be anywhere
between 8,000
and 100,000
standard years.

Famous members

The Lightbringers, or 'Koudminshu' as they called themselves were a race of near-humans that had abnormally long lifespans. Very little was known by them to the point that most people believed them to be immortal descendants of the Celestials themselves. This was not true in the least bit, but for the most part people were allowed to believe such because it meant they left the Koudminshu alone. The Koudminshu were one of the oldest races in the galaxy, as well as the inventors of the Gamatsu language that the Templars of Twilight would eventually adopt as their own ceremonial language. This language, however, was considered a high language and was only used for Ceremonial purposes or by the elite. The common dialect was Hektola, which was used for everyday speech. They were distinguished by their usually bright hair and pointed ears that were similar to those of the Sephi.

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