Attack Droid
Kashh Recon Droid
Production information

Mikaru Shipwrights

Product line

Mikaru Droid Line




Recon Droid

Technical specifications

7 inches


5 inches


6 inches


Masculine Programing

Sensor color



Light Blaster


Sensor Pod

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era
Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy Era

The Kashh Recon Droid was a small droid comparable in size to the MSE-6 Mouse Droid designed and produced by the Mikaru Corporation. The Kashh was designed to be a small and simple in its actions. Its small sized limited its programing, from its creation 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin, to its more recent incarnations more than 100 years after.

A sensor pod, mounted on the left side contained its scanners, photoreceptors, and other equipment, including its secondary droid brain. Its primary droid brain, located under its blaster, contained its primary programing, Recon. The Droid was designed move into an area, on its own, and observe the area, the blaster was meant to defend itself from creatures thinking it prey.

The Droid could also be remote controlled, granting it an expanded usage umbrella while under the command of another individual. The Droid was powered by a small static power cell that constantly recharged itself. Its mode of locomotion was two treads similar to some tank models. This drive system allowed it to operate over rough terrain.

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