The Junkyard Raid was the codename given to a Templar Mission in 5 ABY. Several groups of ships borrowed from Zonama Sekot equipped with Dovin Basals for towing ships, and a small carrier, moved quietly into a Imperial Junkyard. This mission was to acquire resources and ships.

The mission went off with out a hitch and the Templars acquired five Consular-class space cruisers, three doezen Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors, and 4 Acclamator Assault Ships.

The Acclamator's were used to help develop the Templar-class Star Destroyer, all the Eta-2's were developed into Eta-2.5 Aeternus-class heavy interceptors, and the Consulars were refurbished into shuttles for Council Members and Masters who chose to use them.

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