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Sith Missile Cruiser
Jotun-class Missile Corvette
Production information

Remsian Shipyards




Missile Corvette

Technical specifications


Maximum acceleration




Maximum speed (atmosphere)


Engine unit(s)

Astral Ion Drives (4)

Hyperdrive rating

Class 0.8

Power plant

QuadFusion Reactor


Dragon Mail Shielding


Ablative Durasteel-Titanium-A Armor

Sensor systems


Targeting systems


Navigation system






  • Heavy Missile Launchers (2)
  • MK-IV Rail Cannons (12)
  • Warhead Launchers (6)
    • 80 warheads each


Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

300 tons


1 year

  • Patrol
  • Assault
  • Anti-Capital
  • Anti-Starfighter
  • Planetary Bombardment

Legacy era


Remsian Republic

The Jotun-class Missile Corvette was a small scale warship used by the Remsian Republic based on a similar design and named ship from the Vaeringjar. The design variations from the original Vaeringjar ship was minimal. After the end of the Civil War and the integration of the Vaeringjar into the Republic nearly every Vaeringjar warship was retrofitted and adopted into the Remsian Navy. The Vaeringjar ships were equipped with outdated class 12 hyperdrives, missile launchers and mass drivers as their technological presence hadn't yet developed practical energy weapons capable of mass production and mounting on ships, and the ships fission powered drives were pulled out and replaced with newer Ion Drives.


Vaeringjar UsageEdit

The Jotun was the largest standard class of ship used by the Vaeringjar prior to their joining the Remsian Republic. At 300m long it was small by moder standards of warships but the Vaeringjar were a 'young' race havening only developed hyperdrives in recent decades as compared to the thousands of years ago for the rest of the galaxy. With that in mind it was no surprise that the Jotun-class lacked Energy weapons or advanced Ion Drives and shields.

The Ship was powered by a large Nuclear Fission reactor which also directly powered the fission drives. Weapons were missile and ballistic based, firing magnetically propelled slugs and highly radioactive nuclear fission missiles. As a result of all this radioactive material the ships hull was extremely sturdy, and hardened, able to take numerous direct nuclear missile strikes before breaching, and being highly resistant to radiation.

Remsian UseEdit

When the ships were adopted into the Republics defense force, and the design added to the databanks of the Republic's shipyards, modifications were made. The Older hyperdrives were removed and newer class 0.8 hyperdrives were installed for quicker reaction and movements. The original Fission Reactors were pulled out for newer QuadFusion Reactors and the weapons systems were retrofitted. The Primary and secondary launchers were reconfigured to launch Remsi Standard NOVA Missiles and WASP Missiles respectively. The older mass driver cannons were replaced with rapid fire MK-IV Rail Cannons smaller defensive versions of the Apparition Turret for its rapid fire abilities and its nature of being able to pass through non-particle energy shields.

Dragon Mail Shielding generators were installed along the ships hull and its outer layer was reinforced with Durasteel-Titanium-A Armor. However this was a footnote as the ships armor proved to be more than effective before the retrofit. During one one of the earlier missions with a Jotun the ship lost navigation controls in the Jotun System and veered within several hundred kilometers of Jotun already known for being a more radioactive star than most. But the ships heavy armor plating and radioactive proof seals proved more than capable of handling the two hours of direct solar radiation exposor while the crew repaired the navigation systems and evacuated the area.

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