Interceptor-class Star Destroyer
Production information

Galactic Merchants Union



  • Star Destroyer (standard designation)
  • Fast Cruiser (Standard Classification)
  • Fast Carrier (Standard Classification)
Technical specifications

450 meters

Maximum acceleration




Engine unit(s)
  • Main Ion Drives (3)
  • Secondary Ion Drives (2)
Hyperdrive rating

Class 1.0

Power plant

Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor


1.5 meter Alusteel plated Durasteel hull


Starfighter Squadron (4)

Docking bays

Starfighter Racks


The Interceptor-class Star Destroyer was a class of small capital ship used by the Galactic Merchants Union. Based off the design of the Strike-class medium cruiser re-design prototype Eidolon. After the Eidolon disappeared the designs were filed away, and the GMU managed to gain access to it, bringing about this design. Various modifications were made to the design, including adding additional protection to areas that in previous Strike Cruisers lead to the ships easily being disabled.

In this regard the Interceptor was not modular, but a single solid structure that merely resembled the modular design. Other changes included adding in Echani designed ballistic weapons in the form of 20 Argus-type 120mm Coil Guns and 10 Mark-XXXVI Defense Guns. Heavier engines and a class 1.0 hyperdrive allowed the class to act as a quick response vessel, and its increased shield output allowed it to take heavier damage.

The Eidolon's design was already well equipped to act as a carrier, in this regard little changes were made save to the launching mechanism. Originally Mustafarian designers wanted to incorporate linear catapults into the design. Echani designers however said that the design couldn't house the magnetic systems for the catapult, the fighters, and the weapon magazines. To bypass this issue, and allow the fighters to launch with a small burst of speed, the magnetic couplers that held the fighters in place could on command reverse their magnetic polarity, pushing against the couplers on the fighters, shoving the fighters away with a small burst of speed. This was generally triggered by the pilot when they activated the fighters engines, so that they could control the direction of the acceleration.

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