The Infiltration of Coruscant was a small scale espionage mission by the Templars of Twilight into the Sith Temple and surrounding area of Coruscant. The mission revolved around a small Strike Team including Kev-Mas Colcha and Vincent II. Their objectives where to gather intelligence on the Sith and to acquire any Jedi Artifacts they could without compromising their Other Objective. After success of the first half of the mission they used the Dark Wolf, Ivory Dagger, and Crimson Dagger as distractions for the Mikaru Clan to prepare for their escape. The three ships then escorted the clan to Remsi Prime.

Mission DetailsEdit

Equipment UsedEdit

Kurai Infiltration Armor
X-5s Silenced Carbines
X-8 ALIS (used by Vincent Mikaru)
Kev-Mas Colcha's Greatsaber
Vincent's Greatsaber
Eta-2.5 Vindicator-class Heavy Interceptors

Derak-class Heavy Prowler

Combat Knifes

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