Ice Sages were a caste in the Templars of Twilight. They studied primarily on force knowledge, rather than force usage. How it interacts with nature, and all things, how midichlorians worked. They also trained extensively in combat but not to the extent of Fire Warriors or Water Warriors. They were known for being very analytical and think all of their actions through, and having the motto "Win the battle before it begins." Ice Sages were represented by a Katarn, their counterparts were the Wind Sages.

The Katarn MasterEdit

The Katarn Master was the leader of the Ice Sages. He or she was appointed by the council and was always the most skilled of all the Ice Sages. Unlike the Kage the Katarn Master was not elected, but appointed by the council. They could only lose their position if the council demoted them or if they resigned.

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