Hektola was the common dialect of the Koudminshu. It was used for everyday conversation while Gamatsu was used for ceremonial purposes.


Unlike Gamatsu, the Hektola alphabet was not similar to basic except in the amount of letters that it had. Unfortunately, it was somewhat hard to translate as many of the letters sounded similar and basic only has one letter for each sound where as hektola can have two or three.

  • Eh
  • Deh
  • Kah
  • Beh
  • Ay
  • Leh
  • Tuh
  • Foh
  • Ohn
  • Gah
  • Cho
  • Hehl
  • Pan
  • Kal
  • Eoh
  • Mahc
  • Chyu
  • Frah
  • Lahl
  • Daht
  • Ol
  • Wahr
  • Yhun
  • Kachaka
  • Vhu
  • Jehd


  • Hello - Fahe (fah-hay)
  • Goodbye - Tebdve (Tehb-dava)
  • The Force - Lefka (Lev-kah)
  • Balance - Deheka (Deh-hehka)

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