Hammerfaust Artillary

A Standard Hammerfaust Artillery Installation

The Hammerfaust Automated Artillery Installation was a weapons system designed by the Mikaru Corporation. Designed to be placed in position by the military, moderate distance away from a permanent firebase. This would allow the firebase to fire from several different angles and directions at one point without the need of spreading its main forces thin.

Controlled by a massive droid brain, positioned in the center of the unit, with a large rotating structure allowing it to view in all direction. The Droid brain had sensors to scan a 100 kilometer radius around and above it. It had a maximum visual range of 50 kilometers and had infrared, nightvision, and sonar.

The Hammerfaust could also be placed as a defense gun, either shore defense, anti air defense, or even anti-orbital defense. As the two main guns, which were paired as a Turbolaser, and a 120mm heavy artillery cannon, could track quickly and accurately for their size. The Turbolaser could easily blow a fighter out of the sky, while the 120mm cannon could punch a hole through starship armor and hardened buildings.

For defense the Hammerfaust relied on 4 defense Rotary blasters that could track up and down, and left and right, defending all sides of the unit save directly infront of or behind the droid brain. For this position, a high power, short ranged laser cannon that could deal with any saboteurs brave enough to try. For anti-air defense the unit featured 20 vertically launched anti-fighter missiles with high explosive warheads. Two missiles could easily take out the average starfighter. The Mikarus sold the Installation, with a free Installation package for 175,000 credits, complete with full ammo loads for the Artillery cannon and missile defenses.

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