Gungnir Space Mine
Production information

Mikaru Corporation




Nuclear Mine


100,000 credits per unit

Technical specifications

3 meters

Damage Per Hit

Very High

Magazine Size

20 kiloton Thermonuclear Warhead

Ammunition Type

Thermonuclear/EMP detonation

  • Remote Detonation
  • Proximity Detonation



Galactic Merchants Union


The Gungnir Space Mine is an aged but highly effective space mine originally developed some time before the Great Galactic War by the Echani Confederation. A Dodecahedron in shape the mine consisted of 12 pentagon shaped sides each with an extending plate. As the plates extended sensor antenna extended out as well. Sensors onboard the mine could detect ships via passive sensors, magnetic sensors, and IFF detection, as well as several other standard forms.

The mines could detonate in two methods, "Thermonuclear" and "clean". In the thermonuclear reaction no safeguards are in place to compress the fusion reactions into a smaller area. As a result the energy reaction expands on a much larger scale then compressed thermonuclear weapons such as Concussion Missiles. in the clean reaction the safeguards were activated, compressing the fusion reaction into a smaller form but allowing the resulting EMP to spread out. This resulted in smaller destructive forces but a wide spread disabling effect. In either forms the maximum range of both blast and EMP was 20 kilometers.

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