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Freighter gemini

The Gemini-class Cargo Hauler was originally a design by the Mikaru Shipwrights that was eventually adopted and produced by the Templars of Twilight via their member Vincent Mikaru. An engine and Bridge compartment connected by a long corridor that up to 16 trapezoid-prism 25,000 tonne containers could connect to. In emergencies the sections could separate.

The Bridge section housed a 5 person bridge at the front with Navigation, tactical, sensors, and co-navigation. Behind the bridge through an airlock was the crew quarters, galley, lavatories, and w internal storage bays. One normally held crew supplies the other contained the fore emergency reactor and ion drive controls, and the emergency hyperdrive.

Beyond this was the access corridor, this corridor had no gravity and one hand to move via handles along the wall. In the place of the gravity generators were shield generators to protect the corridor and the containers each of which held a small generator on each corner of their connection clamps.

Past this was the engine compartment which housed the primary and secondary reactors, primary hyperdrive, and the ion drives. There was also a small room that could act as a secondary control room if the ship got separated. The fore and aft of the ship had 4 defensive lasers each, and the fore section had an emergency hyperdrive and engines in case the ship required separation.

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