Fire Flea
Fire Flea


Planet of origin
Height of average adult


Average length


Average wingspan


Skin color

Grey and Yellow


Luminescent Underside.

Fire Fleas are a very common sight on Sekot and in some Templar Outposts. They produce a bio-luminescent chemical reaction in their abdomen that gives off a faint white-yellow glow. Rather Large insects they are very friendly and tend to congregate in areas of high force energy. Normally they are untrainable but it only takes subtle touches with the force for them to slightly alter their flight paths to meet the needs of Templars. It is very common at night to see the Mountain illuminated by the lights of hundreds of Fire Fleas flying about keeping paths light. It is also common to see them flying through forests on Sekot and Anothelis giving the woods an ethereal almost fantasy appearance. Though rarely, some are used in mines on Gehenna.

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