Finch-class Secrecy Projector
Production information

Zonama Shipyards




Cloaking device

Technical specifications

Legacy era


Templars of Twilight


The Finch-class Secrecy Projector was an organic Cloaking device that, when activated, covers the entire ship with a special chemical that grows extremely light, but convincing rocks upon the ship's hull. It makes the ship look exactly like an asteroid, and acts like an asteroid as well. While covered, the ship is not able to go very fast, but it is extremely well armored. The rocky substance has its own shielding on it, making it just as firm as an asteroid. This makes it so the Sekotian Navy can stay hidden until they need to defend themselves or the planet. The X-10 Specter was the only inorganic ship to have a Finch. It housed the bio-material inside special Biotanks just inside the hull and it released the material through special ports.

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