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Esme Mikaru
Biographical Information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of Birth 116 ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Echani
Gender Female
Height 1.72.5 meters
Hair color Snow White with a glint of silver.
Eye color Crystal blue
Cybernetics None
Personal information
Allies *Templars of Twilight
Lightsaber color(s) Single blade; changes color with mood. Normally appears white.
Fighting style(s) *Form VII
Profession Templar
Chronological and political information
Position Genin
Era(s) Legacy
Affiliation *Templars of Twilight
Known masters *Vincent Mikaru
Known apprentices N/A

Esme Mikaru was an Enchani Templar much like her brother. She was a Genin, the equivalent of a Jedi Padawan.


Family HistoryEdit

Esme, like her brother Vincent, was born to a moderately wealthy family on Coruscant. Her parents, were one of the few examples of Aristocratic Humility. They showed general concern for those who lived in status below them, an aspect that was bred into Esme as well as her brother Vincent.

The Mikaru Family were members of a small shipwrights guild. It was almost as if ship and mechanical design was bred into their genetics as nearly every biological Mikaru excelled in the field.

Most famous among ships designed by the Mikaru family were the Star Wind-class Combat Fighter and the Gemini-class Cargo Hauler. But they have designed ships as small as the Eta-12 Actis Light Interceptor and as large as the Luminous-class Star Cruiser.

The Royalties from these designs and others made it possible for the Mikaru family to live a luxurious life. It was her brother, Vincent, whom got large amounts of credits for his design of the Eta-12 Actis Light Interceptor, his very first and most successful ship design, financially at least, which he used it to purchase The Esme.

Basic InformationEdit

"To me, having been raised at the academy that never felt like home, home was wherever Vincent was."
—Esme to Marek answering his question about her home.

To Esme, living at home until she was six, was hardly home. Her family was always busy with their diplomatic lives and the young Echani was always tagged along. Up until she went to the Academy - the very same Academy that her brother Vincent attended - she loathed her life of being the little follower of her parents, the one thing she looked forward to were Vincent's occasional visits home and the holo messages he sent home to her. The love he had for his dear sister, made her feel home. Esme was thrilled when her time came to go off to the Academy even though she knew she only had one year to spend with Vincent. She would go home with him at the end of the educational year to visit their family over the holidays, little did she know that would be the last she would see of her brother for years to come.

During her visit home her father tried to teach her the fine arts of the family trade. However, Esme was rather bored with the lessons and found a hobby in actually tinkering on ships rather than designing them. To make up for her distaste in her father's business Esme's mother stepped in and attempted to teach her how to become the 'perfect Echani wife and house mother.' This bored Esme far more than her father's lessons and she continued in her spare time - behind her mother's back - to tinker on the small ships her father owned.


Personal HistoryEdit

Young LifeEdit

The Templars of TwilightEdit


Zorya was Esme's cat. A gift from her brother Vincent a few years after she arrived at the Templar grounds. Not being the most feline type Esme turned the cat down at first. However, after finding out it was orphaned,

Zorya on The Esme

Esme cleaned the cat up on her brother's orders and letter the love between owner and feline grew. Esme is never without Zorya (meaning of it means guardian), unless she is training or in political matters (of course).


"Please don't go, Bre'thro! Don't leave me! You can come visit me at the academy! Ro'yu ve bre'thro! Vi ve'lo y'ai! Vi tn'on na'wat ta so'le y'ai! Vincent, Vi'n frai'ad. 'You're my brother! I love you! I don't want to lose you! Vincent, I'm afraid."
—Esme to Vincent when he went on his Nomadic Gallivant.
"I do not understand these feelings. It's not in my programming to have them. I was trained to be a pilot, a warrior, a Templar. I was so focused. Why now? Why him? Why Marek, Vincent? Tell me!"
—Esme in regards to the new 'awakened' feelings she as for their Sith guest on Anothelis.
"Which home? Vincent and I have moved a good couple times? I was raised at the academy. I had one year with Vincent before he was commenced and returned home. It was then he went on his Nomadic adventures, as he calls them. He visited a few times, and we kept in touch always. When I commenced I announced to my parents that I wished to live with Vincent and the Templars. They were reluctant of course, they had almost lost my brother in his extravagant adventures. I was sixteen standard years when I arrived. To me, having been raised at the academy that never felt like home, home was wherever Vincent was. However there was a time when I thought I had lost him, during the war. I didn't know what to do. I felt so lost, so alone, afraid. My worst fear had come true. When he returned, he was...different. Not the same Vincent I once knew. At times, I feel, as if I have no home."
—Esme to Marek regarding his question about her home.

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