An Encryption Code, otherwise known as an Encryption Key or an Encryption Scheme, is a functional parameter of cryptological encoding used for security purposes.

Cryptological TheoryEdit

Encryption only enables senders with the appropriate decryption devices to read secretive transmissions or documents. Persons or organizations that do not possess the appropriate decryption key to decrypt an encrypted file must result to a battery of cryptological techniques to decrypt a file, even using artificial cognitive computation sources as powerful as AIs.

The sender will encrypt a piece and send it to the receiver, and will list both the public key and private key of the file. The public key is widely available, and was used to encrypt the file. The private key is available only to the receiver, and is used to decrypt the file.[1]

Templar UsageEdit

Encryption is placed on Templar documentation or transmissions in order to maintain the level of secrecy demanded by the Transmission Classification. Encryption codes, like classifications, come in varying types, based on the importance of the information in the file.

Encryption KeysEdit

  • None - Transmissions without code are not classified at all and can be accessed by anyone at any time. Examples of this include the journals produced by the TemplarNet.
  • Red - This code is used most of the time in military transmissions. Classification can be "Restricted," "Classified," or "Secret". The code is sometimes harder to crack, depending on how complex the scheme of the code can be. Examples of this code include the Colcha Protocol. It was used before or 133ABY to encrypt Templar Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1.
  • Black - This higher level code is used for more important and urgent information, which can be classified.
  • Gamma - This is one of the highest level codes. It is used on the most classified information and is likely to be an extremely complex code. It coincided with the classification of "Eyes Only Top Secret."

Public KeysEdit


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