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Emergency Response Shielding was a Subsystem of Agrinium Coated Ablative Hull Armor.


In many cases the failing of a ships Shields is it taking so much damage that it has to shut down so that it might recharge. In these cases a ship is all but defenseless having only the hull to protect it. In the cases of a Agrinium Coated Ablative Armor system, the normal dispersing properties of the armor is used to channel power into the Shield Generator, recharging it at a far faster rate than normal. However this system is not fool proof, if the ship takes to much damage it may have to retreat or worse.

Additionally, a tactic may be used in which the pilot shunts power from his shields to weapons, in order to give them an extra punch, and when hits are taken to the hull, the shields recharge to maximum power while the weapons still have the additional power in them. This can also be used for the engines, in order for a fast getaway.