Echani Wrist Blade
Production information



Concealed Weapon



Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit



High Frequency Vibration






The Echani Wrist Blade was a very rare and in most cases very illegal weapon. Based on the same technology and forging process of other Echani weapons the blade was deadly, and capable of blocking a lightsaber, though its use in combating a Jedi or Sith was limited. The blade consisted of a wrist unit that fitted on the for arm, under the sleeve of an outfit, or in some cases an arm guard. This unit housed the blade, vibration mechanism, and activation sensor.

This activation sensor monitored nerve impulses in the users arm, when the user flexed their wrist just so the blade would activate. If the arm was at the side, the hand was nearly perpendicular to the arm and the fingers were spread, the blade would slide out. Once fully extended the vibration mechanism would kick in, due to the proximity of the blade to the user these weapons did not vibrate as violently as other weapons, but were very capable of tearing an unarmored foe to shreds.

To deactivate the blade the user need only repeat the wrist flex and the blade would retract. Due to the nature of the weapon, being easily concealed and quite deadly the weapon was illegal in many parts of the Galaxy. The weapon could only be acquired with ease in Echani space and often required special training. None the less illegal copies of the weapon made its way to the black market. The weapon had a notorious history for being used for assassins. It was often a side arm for Echani Protectors.

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