Protector Concept
Echani Protector Armor
Production information





Echani Protectors


4000 credits

Technical specifications
Protection type
  • Ballistic
  • Energy


Usage and history

Echani Protectors

The Armor of an Echani Protector was inspired by the Jedi. It consisted of silver variation of Echani heavy armor with a vest based on the shield suit the Echani produced during the time of the Jedi Civil War. A flowing black armoweave kama flowed down from the belt to protect from low flying shrapnel. A cowl was fitted over the shoulders of the armor, the cowl featured a hood for protection from the elements. A long piece of fabric extending down from the belt on the front and back denoted the wearers rank depending on the design it bore.

Arm-guards covered most of the wearers for arm and was comprised of leather with a titanium-cortosis metal guard on the top. The metal guard received a similar supercooling treatment to that of Echani Vibroswords, this allowed the user to potentially block lightsabers with the guards without the risk of heat and burn injuries. One arm-guards featured a small Vibroanchor launcher while the other sported an wrist blade.

Though originally crafted for the high protectors some Echani got a hold of the armor themselves for personal use. Some duplicates of the armor also made their way into the blackmarket. Such models sold from anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 credits with personalized models having prices upwards of 10,000 credits.

Protection RangeEdit

As a form of Echani armor protection was exceptional. The primary basis of the armor was made using a combination of Echani Armorweave and Fiberweave. This allowed the clothing to be both comfortable and flexible while being strong and offering a range of protection. The strong sturdy synthetic fibers were capable of taking physical impacts and redistributing the force across the armor, and much like Echani fiber armor it could do the same with energy based attacks. As with all armorweave it provided a small amount of protection from lightsabers.

The vest of the armor was comprised of loose fiberplast and contained small shield emitters based on the technology of the Echani Shield Suit. The Echani were masters of the art of personal shield technology and were even rumored to have created the technology. To this effect, the shield unit of the armor was quite effective at protecting the wearer from damage. Advancements the Echani made over the years were added to the armor as they developed. By the time of the rise of the first Galactic Empire the shields provided decent protection from Energy, physical, and sonic based attacks.

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