Electro Quarterstave
Echani Electro-quarterstaff
Production information



Melee weapon



Technical specifications

1, 1.5, 3, & 4 meters depending on level of extension.

Damage Per Hit







The Electro-quarterstaff was a combination of Echani Quarterstaff craftsmanship and the rise of Electrostaff technology. It replaced aging Echani quarterstaffs from the Jedi Civil War and Great Galactic War. Unlike most Echani weapons, which generally contained a Cortosis-weave the weapon sometimes came in phrik forms.


The weapon utilized technology developed by the Echani millennia before the Galactic Civil War. Utilizing a type of molecular compression technology developed by the Echani and originally used in their quarterstaves during the Jedi Civil War the weapon was collapsible and thus easier to conceal then other staff weapons. While collapsed the weapon was roughly a meter long, with the handle taking up roughly half of that. Aside from its collapsed state it had three other forms the weapon could extend too.

The shortest form, extending the weapon to a total of 1.5 meters, was not explicitly meant for combat. In this form, the weapon was meant to be used as a stun weapon. The electrical impulses utilized in this (and the other forms) could be adjusted to create discomfort, incredible pain, or even death. The primary use of this form was as a crowed control device, acting as a baton, or a prod. This mode was most often used by law enforcement as a nonlethal weapon.

The next form extended the weapon to three meters in length. This form was commonly called the 'quarterstaff' form as that was precisely what it was. At three meters long it was the average length of an Echani Quarterstaff and could be used as such. In this form the weapon was effective with the electric charge on or off, while off, it was simply a blunt melee weapon. While active however it could easily stun and otherwise incapacitate a target in a single blow.

The longest form of the weapon extended the weapon to a length of four meters and acted as a spear. Unlike the other forms which were achieved by the molecular compression/decompression extending the shaft of the weapon outward from both ends of the handle this form extended in only one direction. In this form the weapon was best utilized as a thrusting or wide sweeping weapon. In practice it was like a pike or a spear. Commonly used to keep opponents at bay it was considered a 'short ranged' weapon, instead of a melee weapon.

Due to the nature of molecular compression technology the weapon could be utilized to catch an opponent off guard. The composition of either an alloy with cortosis weave or phrik gave the weapon and its user the ability to resist lightsabers and other energy weapons. The strength of the weapons composition and strength it could be used by the user to pole-vault themselves into a higher position or over an obstacle. The electro-magnetic pulse generators on the tips could disrupt electronics and were effective against droids and organics. All in all the weapon was considered a well balanced tool.

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