Echani Wolf



Planet of origin


Height of average adult

1.2 meters

Average length

1.9 meters

Hair color


Eye color
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Pack Mentality
  • 20 year life span

The Echa'olm more commonly known as the Echani Wolf was a large semi-sentient omnivorous predator native to Eshan. A type of Wolf they were known for their large size, being nearly four feet tall at the shoulders, and their striking white fur. While they were wild animals they were not beyond domestication and were occasionally kept as pets. Their abilities to take down larger animals in packs earned them the namesake of the Echa'olm-class starfighter which could do much the same against larger ships.

Anatomy and BiologyEdit


Native to Eshan the Echa'olm much like the Echani all had white fur. Then born their coats were very thin and coarse but as they matured it grew longer and developed into a smoother layer. By the time they were one year old they were nearly fully grown and had coats with an average length of 3 inches. Their large height and length in comparison to normal canines gave them a very foreboding appearance, which was only added to by their mouth full of razor sharp teeth.


The Echa'olm were a social creatures, developing family packs that they stuck with for most if not all of their lives. Individuals tended to live fairly short lives and were often lethargic and depressed creatures. Domestic Echa'olm's tended to bond with their owners and their owners families, becoming very protective. While in packs they developed a cultural hierarchy with an Alpha Male & Female leading the pack. Younger males often competed for the position of Alpha Male leading often to one or more of the competitors injured.

The Echa'olm also had a similar natural ability to predict actions and movements to that of the Echani. The origin of this ability is unknown but its application was what made the Echa'olm the apex predator of Eshan. Utilizing this ability they hunted larger animals in packs, or smaller animals individually. Competing males also used this ability to combat each other while jockeying for the Alpha Male position. Several theory's exist towards the reasoning for this ability, including Genetic augmentation on the animals. This is wildly dismissed by the Echani due to its association with an old theory that the unusual nature of Echani genetics was the result of Arkanian genetic manipulation.

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