Diagnosis and Repair Droid
Production information

Zonama Shipyards


Repair Droid

Technical specifications

Various tools for
repairing mechanical and organic
parts of ships.

Chronological and political information

Zonama Sekot

Diagnosis and Repair Droids commonly called DRDs were small mouse droid sized droids that operated on some Zonama Sekot ships. While some ships built by the shipyards of the living world were wholly organic some were partially mechanical and both types needed maintenance. Generally outfitted with tools designed to help them fix breaks in the hull, mechanical failures, and even medical equipment for healing organic parts of the ship.

DRDs tended to be different between each ship as each ship was unique to itself, no two Sekotan ships short of those produced for defense were the same. DRDs tended to gain personality quirks similar to their ships, and more often than not were under the control of the ship or its pilot. Should a Ship become incapacitated the DRDs would swarm about the ship in an attempt to repair the damage.

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