Ifrit-class Light Corvette
Production information
  • Therali-Templar Institute (originally)
  • TTI after 100aby


  • Light Corvette
Technical specifications




Maximum speed (atmosphere)


Engine unit(s)

Astral Ion Drive (2)

Hyperdrive rating

class 1

Power plant

QuadFusion Reactor


Dragon Mail Shielding


Durasteel-Titanium-A plated Stealth Ablative Hull Armor

Sensor systems

Advanced Sensor Suite

Targeting systems


Navigation system





Sensor Mask

X-32 "Phantom" Cloaking System

  • Heavy Laser Turrets (6)
  • Laser Cannons (2)
  • Missile Racks (2)
    • 6 missiles each
  • Mine Launcher






  • STARS (2)
  • Tera-class Recon Drone (1)
  • Leor-class Attack Drone (1)


Minimum crew





4 months

  • Stealth Prowler
  • Light Corvette
  • Anti-Starfighter

New Republic era
Legacy Era


Templars of Twilight

The Derak-class Heavy Prowler, named for Derak Ja'huni, was the first full scale ship design built by the Therali-Templar Institute. By the cold war of 100aby, the ship design was over 130 years old, but it was a solid design showing no sign of being replaced. Normally only a small number were kept in service, during 100aby there were only four dozen actively patrolling, with more in drydock. However by 135 ABY there were more than 200 active with more in drydock awaiting posts.

Prowlers, even if assigned to fleets Prowlers were run and operated by the Prowler Corp. Prowlers preformed two important duties in fleet activities. The first activity was acting as scouts and spy ships, they moved ahead of the rest of the fleet scouting out the area for threats or moving deep into enemy territory and observing fleet movements and slicing into their networks.

The second duty they preformed was defensive, they acted as anti-starfighter and point defense ships, using their quick rotating laser turrets to track and engaged up to six targets at once. They could also coordinate fire from multiple units and most impressively, a Derak could target a ship, send that data to another Derak or another ship and the second ship, not even able to see the target, could launch a missile attack.

Outside of fleets, Prowlers carried one of three ordinance types, empion mines, NOVA mines, or Wraith-class Droids. Empion mines, were laid in fields along known enemy routes in order to disable convoys of ships for capture by Templars. The NOVA Mines were laid in fields for one reason, pure destruction, most ships caught in a blast field by the mines would be vaporized. And Finally, the Wraith-class droids were used to swarm an area with small fast and lightly armed craft.

In addition to this all Prowlers carried two drones, either two Tera-class Recon Drones, two Leor-class Attack Drones, or one of each. These specialized drones were constructed and issued only to prowlers and only The Office of Naval Intelligence could commission more for construction. The small drones, not quite as large as an Eta-2.5 Aeternus-class heavy interceptor although more 'advanced' in regards to stealth and automation.

Known ProwlersEdit

Acklay - Lost - the Avengeance Incident - Rammed the Avengeance
Airsquid - Damaged - the Avengeance Incident - Hit by Nuclear Energy Wave
Akk Wolf - Active Patrol
Avril - Active Patrol - Nevias Sector
Bear - Active Patrol - Ssi-ruuvi Patrol
Behemoth - Active Patrol - Ssi-ruuvi Patrol
Bloodfin - Active Patrol
Bull Rancor - Active Patrol
Canoid - KIA - Sith-Imperial War - Self Destruction
Clawcat - KIA - Sith-Imperial War - Self Destruction
Crier - Active Recon - Inner Rim
Cuddles - Active Patrol - Ssi-ruuvi Patrol
Dark Lizard - Active Patrol
Dark Wolf - Active (Special Usage)
Dire Cat - Active - TONI Mission
Drexl - KIA - Battle of the Anothelis Corridor
Gundark - MIA - Contact lost 133 ABY - Deep Core
Howlrunner - Active Patrol
Hssiss - Active Recon - Korriban
Jackelope - Active Recon - Inner Rim
Katarn - Active Recon - Core Worlds
Krayt Dragon - Active Recon - Operation: Stalking the Dragon
Nexu - Active Patrol
Nightdevil - Drydock
Nightshrike - Drydock
Panther - Active Patrol
Rancor - Active Duty
Rawl - Drydock
Reekcat - Drydock
Reel - Active Duty - Anothelis
Ripclaw - Active Patrol
River Serpent - Active Patrol
Rock Dragon - Active Patrol
Ropedancer - Active Patrol
Saber Cat - Active Patrol
Sand Dragon - Active Patrol
Shadow Hunter - Active Recon - Inner Rim
Shark - Active Recon - Outer Rim
Strider - Active Recon - Inner Rim
Terentatek - Active Recon - Operation: Stalking the Dragon
Uller - Active Recon - Unknown Regions
Vaapad - Active Recon - Outer Rim
Vornskr - Active Recon - Outer Rim
Voxyn - Active Patrol - Zonama Sekot
Wampa - Active Patrol
Watersnake - Drydock
Wofl - Drydock
Wyrwulf - Active Patrol
Zack - Active Patrol

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