Long Range Sensor Tower

a Defender Sensor Tower

The Defender Long Range Sensor Instillation was a tall instillation built and sold by the Mikaru Corporation. A tall tower, standing 20 meters high, and 10 meters under ground. The 20 meter structure above the ground contains the 2-3 person control tower, and scanner system.

These scanner systems were three tiered, a planetary scanner that could scan the surface of an entire planet of average size. A star system scanner that could detect and transmit positions of all ships in an average sized star system. And finally, it had a Long Range Hyperwave Signal Interceptor that could detect ships entering and exciting hyperspace at long range.

The 10 meters that were buried under ground housed the Type-412 Fusion Reactor that powered the equipment. And it also housed the units shield generator, for units placed as listening posts on planets high rates of meteorite impacts. The Shield could withstand large amounts of kinetic impacts, and energy impacts, but over time it would break down under constant barrage. A single Defender would cost about 101,200 credits.

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