The Day of Sekot's Rest was a holiday that the Templars of Twilight observed on the 128th day of the year. During the whole day the entire order would engage in festivities and parties all designed to be low key and relaxed. During the day, the elevator down to Sekot's chambers would be closed to symbolize the Templars essentially giving Sekot his rest for the day. Parties would be held by the order, as well as private parties being held by order members. Some members, if they were involved in romantic relationships, would use the day to make love and have a fully romantic day with just them and their partner, where some others would have large parties with their friends. It was a large celebration in which all classes, training and jobs were shut down and only the Templar Security Forces would still work, although they were given parties on their own in which non-intoxicating drinks and foods were served.

A large celebration, The Feast of Love and Life, in which everyone who participated had a very large celebration and made merry (sometimes to the point that they regretted it the next day, but such is the facts of large parties in which intoxicating drinks are served) was given in the Twilight Cathedral all day. The feast celebrates every aspect of love and life and the combination of the two, from sexuality to romance to the seasons that planets go through.

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